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Changes and updates

This site was originally created in 2008 as a direct conversion of my book Ologies and Isms. For various reasons, it remained almost unchanged for more than a decade. Now I have a little more more time, I'm occasionally able to add, update and revise pages.

31 May 2020: Site updated to modern web standards and made mobile friendly. At the same time I have added a proper contact page and made numerous small edits and updates.

9 July 2020: Corrected a superscript error in the thematic indexes. Added several missing pages and updated a few wrongly formatted ones.

16 July 2020: As a further major update, I have rebuilt the menu to make it more easily accessible for mobile users and added a donation form. I have also included a site search form and moved notices of site updates into this new page.

22 July 2020: Added page zetta-. Moved link to World Wide Words into the menu. Added modification dates to pages where relevant.

10 Jan 2022: Added page presby- and updated pages -hood, myringo- and tympano-.

10 Jan 2024: Added new SI multiples to the number words page .

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