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Affixes: the building blocks of English
Affixes: the building blocks of English

Thematic index of Human body

abdomin(o)-The abdomen.
aden(o)-A gland.
adip(o)-Fat or fatty tissues.
adren(o)-The adrenal glands.
amnio-The amnion.
arteri(o)-An artery.
arthr(o)-A joint.
blephar(o)-The eyelid.
brachi(o)-An arm.
bronch(o)-The bronchi.
bucco-The cheek.
cardi(o)-The heart.
-cardiumTissue related to the heart.
-cephalicThe head.
cephal(o)-The head.
cerebr(o)-The brain.
cervic(o)-The cervix; the neck.
cheil(o)-A lip.
chiro-A hand.
chol(e)-Bile or gall.
chondr(o)-A cartilage; a grain.
chori(o)-The chorion or choroid.
-coelA body cavity.
col(o)-The colon.
colpo-The vagina.
cost(o)-A rib or ribs.
crani(o)-The cranium.
cyst(o)-The urinary bladder.
dactyl(o)-Fingers or toes.
-dactylyHaving fingers or toes of a given type.
-dermSkin; covering.
dermat(o)-The skin.
digit(i)-A finger.
dors(i)-The back.
embryo-An embryo.
encephalo-The brain.
-enchymaCellular tissue.
enter(o)-The intestine.
femor(o)-The thigh or thigh bone.
feto-The fetus.
gastr(o)-The stomach; feeding.
gingiv(o)-The gums.
glio-The glia.
gluteo-The buttocks.
gnath(o)-The jaw.
-goniumOrgans of reproduction.
gon(o)-Sexual; reproductive.
-headThe head, in various senses, often figurative.
hepat(o)-The liver.
hymen(o)-A membrane; the hymen.
hypn(o)-Sleep; hypnosis.
ile(o)-The ileum.
ili(o)-The ilium.
ischio-The ischium.
jejun(o)-The jejunum.
kerat(o)-Horny tissue; the cornea.
labi(o)-The lips.
lapar(o)-The abdominal wall.
laryng(o)-The larynx.
lumbo-The lower back or loin.
mamm(o)-A breast or breasts.
maxillo-The jaw.
mening(o)-The meninges.
metr(o)-1The uterus.
myel(o)-Bone marrow; the spinal cord.
myring(o)-The eardrum.
nas(o)-The nose.
nephr(o)-A kidney or the kidneys.
noo-The mind.
occipito-The occipital bone.
-odontTeeth; toothed.
odont(o)-A tooth or teeth.
oesophag(o)-The oesophagus.
omphal(o)-The navel; the umbilical cord.
onycho-The nails.
oophor(o)-The ovary.
ophthalm(o)-The eyes.
orchid(o)-Testicle; orchid.
oro-2The mouth.
oste(o)-The bones.
oto-The ears.
ovari(o)-An ovary.
pancreat(o)-The pancreas.
papillo-A papilla.
papulo-A papule.
pelvi-The pelvis.
phleb(o)-A vein.
-pnoeaBreath, respiration.
por(o)-A pore.
proct(o)-Anus or rectum.
prosop(o)-Face; person.
pyg(o)-The buttocks.
rach(i)-The spine.
radio-2The radius bone.
recto-The rectum.
retin(o)-The retina.
rhin(o)-The nose.
salping(o)-Fallopian tube.
sarc(o)-Flesh or fleshy tissue; muscle.
scapul(o)-The shoulder blade.
sial(o)-Saliva; salivary gland.
sin(o)-1A sinus.
somat(o)-The body.
spermat(o)-Semen or sperm.
spin(i)-Thorn or spine; the spine or spinal cord.
splanchn(o)-The viscera; intestines.
splen(o)-The spleen.
spondyl(o)-A vertebra.
staphyl(o)-The uvula; a bunch or cluster.
stern(o)-The breastbone or sternum.
talo-The ankle bone.
tarso-The tarsus.
temporo-The temporal bones.
teno-A tendon.
thalam(o)-The thalamus.
thorac(o)-The chest or thorax.
thym(o)-The thymus.
tibio-The tibia.
trache(o)-The trachea.
tympan(o)-The eardrum.
ulno-The ulna.
urano-1The heavens; the palate.
ureter(o)-The ureter.
urethr(o)-The urethra.
urino-Urine; the urinary system.
uro-2Urine or the urinary organs.
uter(o)-The uterus.
vagin(o)-The vagina.
vago-The vagus nerve.
ven(o)-A vein.
viscero-The viscera.
vulv(o)-The female external genitals, the vulva.

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